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biteplane is a digital networking platform connecting dental professionals and leading companies, making it easier than ever for top talent to join the right teams! Gone are the days of expensive and ineffective classified ads.

We do things differently!

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why join biteplane
Stand out from the crowd.

A job is so much more than a list of skills on a piece of paper. 

Hiring decisions are based on aligned styles of operation, personality, work preferences, and culture. 

In today’s busy and distracted world, professionals and organizations need a better way to showcase their unique brands and make the right connections.  

We have seen firsthand how ideally matched teams and candidates accomplish more, grow faster, and have more fun along the way.

Join us as we redefine what it means to hire and be hired.

We believe in culture based hiring. Attracting the right candidates requires first defining and sharing who you are as a company and a team.

Tell your story in a compelling multimedia profile and connect with qualified professionals that share your values and operational style. 

With FREE profile based hiring, there is no need to start and stop advertisements. Simply update each position within your team once and begin to receive qualified candidate matches and interest applications.

The last thing you want is to be desperately scrambling for candidates when you are down a team member.

Dental practices spend so much time and money seeking to impact their patients. It can be easy to forget that before we can serve those patients, we must build a strong team.

For many small businesses, a recruitment strategy seems like something reserved for large corporations. However, with biteplane, you can can easily connect with like-minded professionals and teams in your area in as little as a few minutes a week.

biteplane is more than a place to find a new career opportunity or a team member.

Whether you are brand new in the field or a seasoned veteran, chances are you are working on changing something. Your practice might have a problem and you have been tasked with finding a solution. Perhaps you are attempting to make a move to a new position within your current team.

Whether you have a growth goal or are in the middle of a crisis, you are not alone! We promise you that someone, somewhere is struggling with something similar.

Don’t hesitate to reach out, to engage with others and draw from their experience. We are stronger and better together.

the Network

See what other biteplane companies are doing to attract top talent.

Jobs Listings

Search jobs by more than just position! Match your interests and abilities and apply with a single click!

Company Profiles

No more responding to nameless job ads! Familiarize yourself with companies before applying!

How to Get Started

Jump right in on your own or let us help you along the way


Basic Company Profile
FREE Always and Forever
  • Build Your Own Multimedia Profile
  • Post Unlimited Job Listings
  • Message & Save Candidate Profiles
  • Manage & Respond to Applications
  • Create Alerts and Receive Suggestions

The Specialist

Custom Recruitment Tools & Profile
$ 299 Annually
  • Your Own Personalized Recruiting Site
  • Access to All Professional Profiles
  • 90-day Promoted Profile
  • Video and Content Library Access
  • A Dedicated biteplane Success Coach
Launch Sale!


is this all really free ?

Yes! We believe in creating abundant opportunity and supporting those in pursuit of growth. Basic profiles and job posts for both professionals and organizations are and will always remain completely 100% free. There are premium features for the super-user, but the goal is to get a ton of value out of biteplane as a free member.

What else can I do with biteplane ?

We are so glad you asked! This is just the beginning for biteplane. We are on a mission to redefine hiring and team building in the dental industry. Be on the lookout for some incredible new features coming soon. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know!

Can you help me with my profile ?

We would love to! If you have general questions send us a message. If you would like some more hands on assistance making your profile look amazing consider one of our paid packages.


We are here to help! Just send us a message at

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Begin your journey toward a better career.

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